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        1、 Hello! (How do you do?)
        2、 How are you?-I’m fine. Thank you,and you?
        3、 Good morning / afternoon/evening/night.
        4、 Excuse me.(sorry. I’m sorry)
        5、 Thank you!
        6、 You are welcome.
        7、 How are you today?
        8、 Nice to meet you.
        9、 What’s your name?
        10、 My name is ×××.
        11、 What can I do for you?
        12、 What’s wrong with you? (What’s the matter?)
        13、 It’s time for class.
        14、 Come in please.
        15、 Let’s get ready for class!
        16、 Line up please!
        17、 Attention please!
        18、 At ease.
        19、 Turn left/right!
        20、 One bye one please.No pushing.
        21、 Let’s go back to the classroom.
        22、 It’ time for (breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner)
        23、 Please eat up. Take your time.
        24、 Would you like some rice!
        25、 Help yourself.
        26、 Please have some fish/vegetables.
        27、 Do you want anymore?
        28、 Anything to drink?
        29、 I’d like to drink some milk!
        30、 Today we are going to learn some new worlds.
        31、 Who wants to try?
        32、 Let me try!
        33、 It’s your turn.
        34、 Don’t be afraid/shy!
        35、 Try your best!
        36、 Do you understand?
        37、 Stand up/Sit down,please.
        38、 Listen to me carefully,please.
        39、 Look at me ,please.
        40、 Watch carefully.
        41、 What are you going to do tonight?
        42、 I’m going to Disney’s English Club.
        43、 I’m going to learn Disney’s Magic English.
        44、 What’s on tonight?
        45、 Let’s watch TV.
        46、 We are going to the Pople’s Prk.
        47、 Be quiet,please.
        48、 Stop talking!(Don’t talk.)
        49、 Don’t worry about it.
        50、 No problem.
        51、 Clap your hands.
        52、 Class is over.(Time is up.)
        53、 See you next time,Bye bye!
        54、 Well done!
        55、 You are so smart!
        56、 How clever you are!
        57、 Let’s have a rest/take a break.
        58、 It’s time to go to bed.
        59、 It’s time to get up.(Wake up,please.)
        60、 Wash your face/hands/foot.
        61、 Comb your hair.
        62、 Brush your teeth.
        63、 Come on,Let’s play together.
        64、 Let’s play a game.
        65、 You are getting better and better.
        66、 You’re making progress everyday.
        67、 You’re always the best.
        68、 You speak English very well.
        69、 Do you like English? (I like English very much)
        70、 I’m pleased with your spoken English.
        71、 Be brave,please.
        72、 Have a nice weekend!
        73、 Happy birthday to you. (Happy New Year to you!)
        74、 Put on your clothes.
        75、 Take off your clothes/shoes.
        76、 Pardon! (I beg your pardon.)
        77、 May I speak to ×××,Please.
        78、 Who is on the line?
        79、 This is OSA.
        80、 Welcome to Shiyan.
        81、Do you like shiyan?
        82、 People in Shiyan are proud of Wudang Mountain.
        83、 Are you free this afternoon?
        84、 I’m inviting you to Mcdonald’s.
        85、 At what time shall I come?。
        86、 Is six o’clock ok with you?
        87、 This way,please!
        88、 Have a good time.(Enjoy yourself.)
        89、 The same to you!
        90、 You are learning fast.
        91、 Keep on trying.
        92、 Put up your hands,please.(Raise your hands,please/hands up)
        93、 Hands down.
        94、 Be careful. (look out.)
        95、 How are you feeling today?
        96、 Fine,thanks,and you?
        97、 Hope to see you again!
        98、 Drink some water/tea,please.
        99、 Which one will you choose?
        100、 Goodbye. See you tomorrow/late/next week!






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